US Naval research team produces hydrocarbon fuel from seawater

A new fuel production technique could allow ships to refuel at sea, provide natural gas and slow ocean acidification.

US Military Creates Fuel from Seawater

It's an interesting quirk of US political life that while our oil-loving, climate change-denying Republican politicians love the military--the military is scrambling to develop alternative energy and to prepare for the threats of climate change.

World's biggest seafood event to put spotlight on sustainable fishing

This year's annual gathering of 25,000 seafood industry professionals will highlight the importance of sustainable fishing practices.

North Sea Futures

A programme to stimulate dialogue and innovation. To develop a sustainable development framework and to act on sustainability challenges across all sectors in the heavily exploited North Sea region.

MSC-labelled fish now available at 4,000 UK primary schools

New menu options and the MSC’s Fish & Kids project are promoting sustainable fishing.

Join #theBIGshift and Lead the Transformation to a Sustainable Future

(This article first appeared as a guest blog by Sally Uren in the Huffington Post on 3 December, 2013)

A hull of a good idea

A Norwegian entrepreneur is planning to build a cargo ship which would produce 80% fewer emissions than a standard vessel.

To do this, speed-sailing businessman Terje Lade intends to design a ship with a giant hull which effectively works as a huge sail.

Setting Sail from the Mother Ship

Singapore, 26 September 2013


You are a ship at sea. No-one around for miles. No-one is going to notice if you dump bildge water or if you have had a leak. Before anyone notices you are long gone.