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Curator, Futures Centre, former Editor, Green Futures


Before joining Green Futures in 2009, I worked as an editor, writer and fundraiser in social and environmental change. I have a 1st class degree in English and French from Oxford University, and a Masters in Gender Studies from SOAS.

At Forum for the Future, I lead on the content and strategy for the magazine, Green Futures. We ask what future might be possible and how to get there – the sort of question you can’t tire of exploring. I’m always looking for interesting perspectives, and love talking to insiders – whether they’re at the grassroots, managers, CEOS, artists, scientists or entrepreneurs. I've served on the jury for the European Commission Environmental Management Awards Scheme, the EU Ecolabel Communication Awards and the Women in Social and Environmental Enterprise Award Scheme, and chaired discussions at the World Forum for a Responsible Economy, the Future Cleantech Forum, and the Euro-Mediterranean Energy Efficiency Forum.

My dream project? This year I’m launching my first book, 'The Brand Strategist's Guide to Desire'. The principal idea is that brands could gain a long-term competitive advantage by responding more directly to what people actually want. I explore the desire for community, adventure, aesthetics, vitality and purpose, and challenge brands to work with people more closely to enhance their lives in these areas. It includes interviews with strategists and thought leaders, 15 case studies, and draws on everything from Greek philosophy to the Samba schools of Rio! Writing this was both a dream for me, and the most daunting project I’ve ever undertaken. It will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2014.

What floats by boat outside work? Running along Regent's Canal, Turkish grammar (there's a whole tense to describe something you heard on the grapevine!), and playing the violin.